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July Reading List

For the month of July, I am setting down the time to read six books that will help me grow more as both a Christian woman and being the keeper of my home. Reading is a great way to learn, grow and to inspire you to do more in your life.

First Steps to Wealth by Dani Johnson

Dani Johnson brings the lessons of her own life to teach people how to improve their lives in both finances and interpersonal relationships. Dani stressed that that it is possible to make changes in your life if you are willing to try to make those changes. If you are willing to take the time to learn how to change your life for the better, from investing in training for yourself to getting out of debt, then this book is for you. If money is tight, you can receive a free e-book through Dani Johnson’s website  by subscribing to her e-newsletter.

First Steps to Wealth (affiliate link)

The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife: 18 Powerful Lessons for Personal Growth by Dalene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife

Dalene Schacht of Time-Warp Wife brings 18 powerful lessons for wives to have Christ-centered marriages with their husbands that focuses on different aspects of their lives from being a kind wife to a faithful wife. At the end of each chapter, Darlene use the S-O-A-P (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) method to bring these lessons into real life practice.

The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife (affiliate link)

God’s Guest List: Welcoming Those Who Influence Our Lives by Debbie Macomber

Whatever we realize it or not, people have shaped our lives, either by being there for us or we simply admire them. Of course, the Lord should be the first one to influence our lives, but there are others that high on our most influenced list like our parents, pastor, teachers and others that have been a huge part of our lives. Some might cause negative influences, but there are those that will be a more positive influence, and it’s best to focus on those that have a positive influence on your life.

God’s Guest List (affiliate link)

Approval Addiction: Overcoming Your Need to Please Everyone by Joyce Meyer

This is a must read for women. As Christian women, we tend to want to make everyone around us happy, whatever it is your husband, children, parents, in-laws, even the family dog. While we are focusing more on “people pleasing,” we forget about pleasing God. It’s time to end the “people pleasing” and start on “God pleasing.”

Approval Addiction (affiliate link)

The Resolution for Women by Priscilla Shirer

Like The Resolution for Men that is featured in the movie Courageous, The Resolution for Women focuses on how Christian women make a resolution on embracing the Lord’s plans of Biblical womanhood in a postfeminist culture that is promoted in the United States. Love and honor God and husband and teaching the children Godly principles are highly stressed in this book.

The Resolution for Women (affiliate link)

The resolution for women can also be hanged on your wall at home.

Fresh Start: The New You Begins Today by Joel Osteen

When people accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior, they become a new person with their slates wiped clean. For most people, it is hard to accept their new life because of the memories of their past lives are still fresh in their minds. Instead of focusing on the past mistakes, disappointments, it’s time to start focusing more on the positive new beginning.

Fresh Start: The New You Begins Today (affiliate link)


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