What to do when you come across conflicting advice from other Christian women

Whoever heeds life-giving correction will be at home among the wise. Those who disregard discipline despite themselves, but the one who needs correction gains understanding. Wisdom’s instruction is to fear the LORD, and humility comes before honor. Proverbs 15:31-33 (NIV)

As Christian women, we come across may different types of advice. For some advice, we feel that the advice is really good and take that advice. Other advice, we feel that we need more counsel before whatever or not to take that advice.

A common advice that Christian women seek is whatever or not to work outside the home. Some Christian women will advise other Christian women that a Christian wife should not work outside the home, some may expand that advice and say that Christian women should not work outside at all. Some may say that it’s ok to work until children arrive, some may expand on that and say until children start school (if you are planning on putting your children in public or private school). Others will say that circumstances and the agreement of both the husband and wife should be the deciding factor.

What is my advice on whatever or not a Christian woman should work? I would say, it depends on your season of life. If you are single due to choice/not finding the right man, divorce or death of husband, obviously you have to work because you still need to be able support yourself and bills still needed to be paid. If you are married, both with or without children, it will depends on your own family situation and where you live. You may work because you want to and your husband is in agreement or you may work because you have to due to your husband having a disability or lost his job.

You know your family situation and cost of living of your home state a lot better than I do and I know my family situation and cost of living of my home state a lot better than you. Right now, my family consists of me, my husband and our dog and I believe that the demographic of my family makeup will change with the addition of children when the Lord bless us with children someday.

To wrap up

1. Getting advice is good, but sometimes, that advice is conflicting, so it’s a good idea to seek wise counsel.
2. The wise counsel should be someone that you personally know like your pastor, pastor’s wife, another Christian woman that you know, even your own parents and parents-in-law.
3. Your life situation is different from my life situation and the advice that you will need and heed to will be a lot different than the advice that I will need heed to.
4. If you are married, take your concerns to your husband and ask him what he thinks about an issue.
5. Always remember to take your concerns to the Lord in prayer.


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