Submission and Respect

The Trad Wife

Modern society has marriage all wrong. Women act like men leading the home and men take the role of women with compliance. Many are so brainwashed into believing that if there is a problem they can just walk out. Divorce seem more desired than marriage these days. Honestly, I am convinced feminism is to blame for a majority of the problem. Our men our being attacked from every which way. As wives we come together and “vent” about how dumb, careless, and unkind our male counterparts are. Because which man is not empty-headed and insensitive? Every sitcom from the Simpsons to Modern family just shows men in such a detestable light, while having women command the home with all their brilliance. Men have to consider women equal to themselves or they are bigots. Satisfaction can not be gained trying act like something a woman is not. Telling a wife submission…

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